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GP’s pain was an 8 yesterday with 8 or 9 rises to a 10. He is taking Tegretol 100mg/3xday and Indocin 25mg/3xday. He has a cold that adds additional pressure, so is also taking Claritin and Sudafed.

One of the best ways to get him through the rises is to tickle him. There are moments when this can turn the tide. He will sometimes ask “please knock me out.” This is the hardest thing to hear because we cannot relieve the pain. He did go to bed with less fear last night, as soon as David and Jillian returned. He feels safest and most relaxed when we are all at home.

He is still sleeping. What a great gift sleep is for him! He does not feel pain when he is asleep and rarely wakes up in the night.

Easter is the reason we CAN hope. We do have hope – beyond even this tremendous pain. Someday, there will be no pain for anyone who believes in Him. We continue to pray for GeorgePaul to be well. We dare to pray this because He loved us first.


Posted April 24, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

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