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This is an area that drives us crazy. We are constantly trying to pinpoint a trigger so that GP can avoid it! In the first couple of months, being outside was a clear connection to higher pain. We also felt that the cold weather and low barometric pressure added to his pain levels. We could open a window somewhere in the house, without him knowing that, and he would feel the effects every time.

Typical triggers for TN patients can be; brushing teeth, blinking, putting on make-up (definitely not likely for GP), chewing or swallowing, wind or light breezes. He does not have pain from any of these situations, with the exception of the wind sometimes. We have carefully noted what he was doing at the time of each episode, and we cannot find any pattern or consistency in location, time of day, food, or activity.

He has tried to go outside for the past three days, and has had an attack each time. It has been very windy up here! He feels that this may cause an attack, so is obviously reluctant to go outside. The dogs, Panzer and Shishka, really miss him!

GP is at a six this morning! He has had a few rises, but they are mercifully short. Hugs help him get through the rises and attacks.

There are many of you who have given us great suggestions for pain relief and help. We are looking at several options: Upper Cervical Care, Accupuncture, Vitamin B12 therapy, Biofeedback, etc. We will be meeting with the neurologist on the morning of Tuesday, May 3rd. We will review the MRI/MRA tests with him, and assess the effectiveness of the Tegretol/Indocin medications. Our neurologist has been and continues to be responsive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. There is a limit to what he is able to provide, and we may need to go elsewhere. I will be updating you as soon as there is new information.


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  1. Hi,
    I am a friend of Pastor George and he told me a little about GP and all he goes through. I have the same condition and have had it for 6 years. If you ever would like to chat I would love that. I have tried so many different therapies and surgeries for this that I could shed light on a few things that works and the ones that didn’t seem to work for me.
    Myndi Orr

  2. This is the name of the Dr. that helped my husbands boss with her MS he is an alternative option she used.

    Dr. Benjamin Rinaldo 949 855 1115. He is located in Laguna Hills.

  3. GeorgePaul-

    I asked God what I should tell you because its really hard to know what to say when you care so much about what is happening to someone so far away. A lot of things are coming to mind, but mostly I want to tell you that God is using you to bless and encourage us in our faith as we watch you honor Him. You are an extraodinary young man with character like Jesus. And I know that Jesus is in heaven preparing your eternal home right now. And your treasure is so big that he is having to add onto your home to hold it all. You are going to have one HUGE heavenly home! For now, my kids classes at school are praying for you and our family is praying for you. We love you and thank you for trusting God. Your Jesus-light is so bright we can see it up here in Walnut Creek!

    Love, Sandi

    Sandi Allen Fraser
  4. Hi GP! I have been thinking of you and praying for you today! Xoxo! Mrs. 3

  5. You all have been on my heart today. Sending prayers up for GP. Lots of Love, Pam and Al

  6. My sister Debbie Shell told me about your son, and shared this blog with me. I will be praying and also have other praying for GP. Many Blessings to your family

  7. I love you Lori. You are so strong to be able to deal with this. You and David have a great partnership( that i envy) to walk this path. Seeing this this morning ,all my problems seem so small. Scott

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