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I’m trying to help him escape it. He has had 4 epics today, and more frequent rises of pain. The duration of attacks is short, but tears have come more often. The last hour has slowed down to every 10 minutes or so. The weather is beautiful, there is no wind, and he has tried 4 times to walk outside to see the dogs. Each time, he has run to the bedroom, and I go hold him and tickle him and love on him. Our job is to stay strong for him, (he relies on this), and to take him away from panic. We do this by making observations in a very matter-of-fact voice. We’ll say “Tough one”, or “That was a drag” as if we were reacting to a bad frisbee throw or a spilled glass of water. This helps to center him. We also tease him by telling him, with a smile, that he doesn’t have to pretend he’s in pain in order to get a hug or a tickle. He is reassured to know that we know that it’s bad, but we’re not going to fall apart on him, or ever stop seeking an end to it.


Posted April 27, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

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  1. We just learned about the George Paul website and appreciate hearing your updates. You are all in our prayers, and we are here to help if you need a hand with anything at all.

    Ericson Family

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