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The creativity of the blog post titles are overwhelming (read with a sarcastic tone.) Title creativity is at the bottom of the list under “things to improve upon” right now!

GP was at a 7 for his constant pain today, but had fewer short ice pick pains (3 an hour) until 2:00 or so. The pains are not occurring more frequently this evening, but are more intense and lasting longer (10-20 seconds.) It doesn’t sound like a long time, but try pinching your cheek for that long and imagining the pain times 100 and you can get an idea of how long that really is! It has definitely been a better day than yesterday, and we are grateful for that! GP is thankful for his family – he told us so! He is also thankful, (and so are we!), for thoughtful friends. It would be so much harder to go through this without our many loving friends.

I am continuing to read Striking Back! by Weigel/Casey, which has been helpful in consolidating the information that can be found on the Internet. One of the points I read today concerns the medicine that GP is on. “Pain relief doesn’t usually happen gradually as the doses go up. It’s usually an ‘all-or-nothing’ thing…’The blood level must get up to the level of pain, and then the pain can go to zero.” We are hoping that we will find a level at which his pain will go away, but not so high that the side effects are unbearable.

We know that God directs our paths, because we ask Him to do that…daily, hourly, sometimes minute-by-minute.


Posted April 29, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

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