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I missed posting yesterday and will try not to miss again! I am seeking knowledge all day long. I have read two books on TN, signed up for Google Alerts on trigeminal neuralgia (thank you EG!), and joined three internet support forums. The Forums have been very helpful as I read through others’ experiences with specific meds, surgeries, and alternative treatments. I have been scouring the internet for weeks, but have really stepped up the pace over the last couple of days. We want to be as prepared as we can be for that appointment on Tuesday the 3rd.

GeorgePaul is at a 7 today. Over the past three days we have seen two small patterns emerge: 2-4pm has been a time when he has more intense, sharp rises. They do not occur more frequently, and they do not last longer, but they are a much higher pain level – stopping him in an activity and inducing sustained screams. The second pattern is better; he is pain free for a short period of time around 7-9pm. The first night it was for 5 minutes, the second for 8 minutes, and last night for one minute! How thankful we are for this! His prayer last night was full of thankfulness for that window of no ear pain. He has also had some sharp stabs in his forehead during that window of pain free ear time. These stabs are “way less than the ear pain.” So we’re watching and recording.

I also worked with GeorgePaul on a couple of new pain descriptions. We have used the numeric pain scale (1-10 with 10 being “the worst pain ever”). I worked with him on the McGill Pain Questionaire yesterday. (Google it!) This was interesting and confirmed the rating of 7 to us. I also showed him the Wong-Baker Face Scale which is what pediatricians use when questioning him. He feels a little “insulted” by it, but it also confirms the numeric scale number he is at. There are 6 faces from a “0, No Hurt” showing a smiling, happy face all the way to a “5, Hurts Worst” showing a crying, frowning face. He has pegged himself at a 4 – Hurts Whole Lot.


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  1. Thank you Laurin for the information on the research you have done. It is good to go in on Tuesday with your arsenal of questions prepared. I will be praying that God will go before you and be with you at that meeting.

    GP! X’s and 0’s to you today! I can see why you were a little put off by the face scale! ANY pain is not good, right? No cartoon face will fix that! Hang in there! Prayers continue for you!

  2. We’ve been praying for you these last several weeks, along with my prayer group and church. Praying specifically for GP’s pain to disappear and for everyone in the family to stay strong in the Lord and for each other.

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