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GP started out at a 6 this morning. He is averaging four rises an hour, which is a far cry from two weeks ago, and yet still so difficult. He had an intense episode at noon, and sobbed for awhile. Sometimes the discouragement of hurting every day and every hour pulls him down. He wants to be well!

In the morning, GP asks what will be happening that day. We try to involve him in what is going on outside of the house, as well as give him new ways to look at his day inside the house. The reality is that he hurts when he walks outside, so his plan for the day includes only the indoor activities. We are very grateful for a few solid indoor distractions!! It is not normal for a ten year old boy to be confined to 1100 sq.ft.! When I came home from grocery shopping yesterday, he came outside to the car (6 feet) to help me unload the groceries. He was hit with vicious pain and had to run inside again. I love the fact that he wanted to help enough to risk the pain, but it is heartbreaking to watch him go through it.

Most often, he knows, deeply, that God has a plan for him, even in this pain. There is no doubt in our minds that God has a plan for GP. Today, while we played Sorry! together, he said, “Mom, I’m starting to see Jesus in everything these days!”

Tomorrow is our appointment with the neurologist, at 9:10 in Fontana. I will update you with the results! Thank you, more than you can know, for the comments you write, the cards you have sent, and the many thoughtful deeds which you have done for GP and for us.


Posted May 2, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

3 responses to “Waiting and Hoping

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  1. GP – You have truly tasted & seen our Saviour, known Him in ways we never will. I am so very proud of you for trusting Him through this!!! God is being glorified through your precious faith!!! He is so very pleased at how your whole family clings to Him through this trial & rejoices even in the midst of it.
    Am praying for miraculous healing!!

    OK – now time for a family group hug! Squeeze ’em till they squeal!!!! 😉

  2. GP! Today was the first day back after Easter Break and I couldn’t help but think of you throughout the day and wish you could be there, too. You have MANY teacher friends that are praying for you and hoping that you are feeling better real soon! I will pray that everything goes well tomorrow and specifically that you will have a stress free and pain free ride up and down the hill.

  3. GP and Family I had no idea what you have been going through. We are praying for all of you. If we can do anything please let us know.

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