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Yesterday, we slogged through. We didn’t thrive or overcome. We just hung on. GP had highly intense and more frequent rises yesterday afternoon and evening, including three epics. We choose to be thankful; it is always a conscious step we take, but it is never easy. Yesterday was simply harder than usual to look outside of the heartache we feel for GP, and to ask him to look outside of it too.

We did receive a call from the Kaiser San Diego doctor’s office today! He will be seeing Dr. Mastrodimos and Dr. Cueva in San Diego on June 21. This is very good news. It also seems like a long time to wait! We are on the cancellation list and will be hoping for an earlier date. We can be there in 3 hours on any date that they call.

One of the hardest parts to this disease is that the people who see GP do not see the intense levels of pain. It is then hard to believe that there is an urgency to correcting it. If a doctor had seen the trip up the hill yesterday, there would be immediate action. This happens while on the medicine that is ‘managing’ the pain.


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  1. Thinking of GP. The Buckelew family is here for you should you have any questions or just need an ear to chew.

    John D Buckelew
  2. Beardsley’s – You are in our thoughts and prayers every minute these days. Keep fighting this fight because you have an Army of prayer warriors behind you! We love you –

    The Mangels Family
  3. Laurin! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you soldier on. Is there any possibility that the local neurologist can call the SD neurologist on your behalf? Has he seen the blog? It is good that you got a call so soon, but June 21 IS far away. Call them EVERY MORNING…be politely persistent. Meanwhile, know that you have an army or prayer warriors who continue to pray for you daily! As always, gentle hugs to GP from me!

  4. GP, Jillian, David & Laurin…..you have been in our thoughts & prayers so many times throughout the day over the past several weeks. Don’t know if you’ve been able to schedule that appt with Dr. Matt or not, hoping he will be able to help as well with more than pain relief. Praying too that the San Diego Kaiser doctor is able to see you sooner. Kim is right, a call every morning to SD Kaiser doctor’s office, especially if you can talk with the same scheduler and gain a connection with them….maybe they would be willing to view your blog & see the pain that GP is in. Another thought….I have sent a note to the anticipated doctor in the past for Ed describing his need and requesting a sooner appt & it’s worked. Perhaps if you were able to mail a note or email a note to the doctor with a little history, the link to the videos & website and the impact on the family, maybe he will squeeze GP in sooner. One last thought…is the doctor able to give GP something to sedate him & allow him to sleep on your trip(s) up & down the hill? What a blessing it is that he can get relief while sleeping….maybe that could work in his favor. It was good to talk with you, even if for a short time on Tuesday or Wednesday (LOL). If there is anything we can do besides prayer, please let us know. We are sending our love and prayers and knowing that the Lord is holding you in His strong arms and is in control, even when we feel so totally out of control and helpless.

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