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GeorgePaul has some springtime allergies going. Sinus pressure can really add to the pain, so we are throwing allergy medicine at him to keep it at bay. The wind seems to be a trigger for him and so we have kept the windows closed all over the house today, and he is maintaining at a level of 7. It is 80 degrees inside, but it is cooler than the 88 it was during the last two days! The frequency of rises has slowed down (3 or 4 per hour) over the course of the day. We will take any improvement that we see!

He survived the dentist’s office yesterday; it was tough – he had several rises and I really worked to keep him focused on plants we might buy, building a garden one day, tickling him without embarassing him, etc. One of the x-rays involves standing up while a machine moves around your head. There is a high pitched noise that goes off when the machine moves and it echoes for the patient inside. He screamed and moved back, stopping the x-ray. I had to kneel behind him, plugging his ears so that we could get the picture, but the second time was a success. The x-rays show no cavities, and no obstruction or dental problem that might be causing pain.

GP had many plans for the time after the dentist’s office about where he might want to go since we were out anyway. Upon leaving the office, however, he said “I’m at a 9, I just want to go straight home.” We drove towards home on the frontage road, and came near Target. Impulsively, he asked if we could try to go in and browse because, “Mom! I’ve been a chicken in a coop! I’ve got to get out of there!” It was difficult getting to the entrance of the store, but he made it! We walked through Target for 20 minutes before I could see the signs of the pain ramping up in his face. He had a few screams as we were leaving, but what a great side trip for him! He is thankful for the chance to be in a building other than his house – and we were thankful he wanted to try it!

GP talked to both of his grandpas today on Skype. What a great invention that is! One of the grandpas said that his voice had a cheery ring to it this morning – and that he (the grandpa) was encouraged to know that GP’s spirits have not been pulled down. We were encouraged to hear that insight!

One of the families that I have ‘met’ on facebook, has a son who has had TN for a few years. He is 13. This boy just had a surgery that resolved his TN. He does not have any pain. What incredible hope for us, and praise to the One Who Heals.


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  1. I just want to say to G.P. how proud I am. How brave you were to go to the dentist and let those machines roar at you! I am going to admit that I am quite the wimp when it comes to the dentist. You have become quite the warrior and I think that we need to write a whole comic book character just for you. You figure out what the name will be and let me know. We love you and are in prayer constantly for you. I am so sorry buddy and thank you for “seeing Jesus” in everything- what a great reminder to stop and look!

    Kelly Nordstrom
  2. Praying for G.P. and the rest of your precious family today.

    In His Love,


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