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We left the house at 9:00. GP had no pain at 9:05! This lasted for four and 1/2 hours! He wanted to go to the zoo, which we passed on the way to the doctor’s, to a movie, and out to eat. We had to show restraint – knowing that the pain might return – but it was wonderful to have our cheerful, happy boy back for a while! The pain did return for 45 minutes as we ended our appointment, but then another no pain break came again! GP fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep all. the. way. home. That means that he escaped the horrific ‘up the hill’ pain this time! He woke up, back in pain, about a mile from our house and is at a 7.

We visited a Doctor of Oriental Medicine today. He spent about an hour and a half with GP, and we came away with some chinese herbs to try, four times a day. We will be consulting with him by phone on Friday, to talk about the results of this medicine, and any adjustments that we might need to be make. The office is in Woodland Hills which takes us about an hour and 45 minutes, so we are glad they are willing to do some phone consulting.

We are so grateful for the hours of pain free time for GP! He, of course, was thrilled. We give the glory to God for this!!


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7 responses to “Great Tuesday Gifts

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  1. Hello, we are so pleased GP had peace and rest today. Thankful to God for this blessing. Pleased to hear that your visit went well. We are continuing to keep your family in our daily prayers.

  2. Praise the Lord for beautiful miracles! Glad to hear he had a better day and some pain free time 🙂

    Grace Woodruff
  3. I could “hear” the excitement in your voice while reading your latest update. However, it absolutely breaks my heart that you have to get excited about 4 hours of pain free. A child deserves 24 hours a day of pain free! Have they mentioned acupuncture? I think Leslie mentioned that we tried it with Garrett and had limited results. I saw the picture of GP with robot… While G was in the hospital I got him one EXACTLY like it at the gift shop. Remember that you are not alone. I think of GP and your family every day. Leslie and I would love to talk to you anytime. When you need an ear to “chew” please call! God bless your sweet boy! ~ Johnny

    John D Buckelew
  4. Praising God for a few good hours, and praying for many, many more. Thank you God for letting him sleep on the way home.

  5. Hi Laurin, It’s Becky – Eric & Ryan’s mom. I’m so sorry to hear about all of this and can’t even begin to imagine it. But thank God for a few hours of peace yesterday. I hope that continues today. We’ll be praying for you guys every day. You were such a great listener/support when we were trying to figure out all the SPD stuff with Ryan, I wish I had something encouraging to say about this. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Hang in there – sometimes God has some crazy rollercoaster of a plan that I don’t even pretend to understand but He will carry you guys through it. I pray for a good day today!

  6. GP – Yeah for the extended break! You are so very brave! I believe God will bless & honor that by allowing your life to encourage others both while in the middle of this & especially when this is all resolved! You are my HERO & you encourage me!!

  7. When I opened your blog and saw the picture of GP, I instantly knew “where you were”. You guys have all been “big” on my mind and heart the past many days, but especially today. Was going to call & see if you had made an appt yet. I am hopeful & prayerful that you will find wonderful results with a non-convential approach. What a joyto read of such a great day for GP, which I know means a fabulous day for all of you. We continue to pray as you walk this road to answers & treatment and a restored healed, happy GP. I rejoice in knowing that somehow, someway the Lord is going to use every piece of this experience to His glory, with nothing wasted. Love you guys & are grateful for your encouragement & example to us through the years. Again, please let us know where we can be of help. Smiling as I see the Lord cradling you today!

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