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We are driving to Los Angeles today to visit with an associate of a doctor who comes highly recommended by friends of ours. I’ll let you know what we find out.

The remainder of the day, yesterday, got progressively worse. GP had 12 epics, two of them lasting over 30 minutes each. He had an average of 13 rises an hour. He can anticipate the epics, sometimes, with tingling, and increasing jackhammer speed. Sleep at 9:05 was an extraordinary blessing last night.

I ‘talked’ with someone on the Living with TN forum yesterday who, in her 14 years of having TN, has never heard the words ‘epic’ or ‘rise’ to describe the pain. She is one of the featured members on that site and has dialogued with innumerable doctors and patients over the years. I think the words are new to her because GeorgePaul is 10, and it is exceedingly rare for someone this young to have TN. GP is bringing a whole new vocabulary to to the table!

Once again, but never often enough, thank you for your comments, emails, and especially, prayers. This never lets up for us. We read and treasure each sign of encouragement. (=


Posted May 10, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

5 responses to “New direction?

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  1. Praying for some encouraging words for you today. And that God will strengthen all of you.

    I’m sure the Beardsley family vocabulary has to work it’s way in to most anything you do. I love it. Your family makes me smile. God has done something pretty awesome in you guys. Love you all.

  2. praying for you guys today. We are stoked to have jillian over tonight to watch our kids. paul and heidi

  3. We are praying for you and your family daily….your Uncle pastor george helps in my special needs class at church. We love him:) The Colombe’s are in our small group and we all pray for you. Zeph 3:17 is good to memorize for comfort. Also Romans 12:12. please let us know if we can do anything….i make good cookies:)…The Sheffields

    Laura and matt Sheffield
  4. Arlen and GP have been best friends for years. I want you and GP to know Arlen misses him terribly, speaks of him often, and prays for him every single night. Our whole family prays but I know only the prayers of a mother’s heart and pain. Arlen’s heart is for the friend he loves and I know God hears him. He wants desperately to see his best friend. I left a message at the school office for you. Hoping we can be of assistance in your time of need. we love you!

    Grace Woodruff
  5. I have to laugh about Mary Grace’s comment! How TRUE is that?!!! I have always loved GP’s word pictures! Praise GOD for a trip down the hill and up again, without much pain! GP! X’s and O’s to you!

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