Grandparents have arrived!   2 comments

Not pain free today, but we are thankful that he is not at the Emergency Room level of pain! He is at a 7, has had a couple of epics, and rises 2-3 per hour. GeorgePaul’s eyes are very itchy and a little swollen, with black circles underneath them. We thought that it was allergies, but now think it is a side effect of the Tegretol. We are giving him some eye drops and it seems to help.

We have grandparents today! My parents, from northern California, are visiting for the day and we are glad to see them! It gives us all a fresh perspective on daily life with GP, because we have routines in and around the pain, and we go right into our roles as needed. When others are around, he doesn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable by screaming in front of them, so the dynamics change a bit. His concern for them makes him a little more anxious and uncertain about how to deal with the rises, which can intensify the pain. Grandparents can cope with a lot, though, and they are so supportive and loving to all of us!


Posted May 14, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

2 responses to “Grandparents have arrived!

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  1. Don’t completely rule out allergies, though! Those yellow flowers are in abundance this week and are making MANY people itchy and uncomfortable! And Laurin, there’s nothing like mom and dad’s support during this time! Praise God that they were able to come! Enjoy your day!

  2. I love you Beardley family & continue to pray for GP to be healed miraculously (sp?) because I KNOW He can!!!

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