A talk with a colleague of the neurosurgeon!   3 comments

The colleague of the neurosurgeon that we most want to see (at UC Irvine) called and talked for a long while with me this afternoon! He had read this blog, had seen the videos, and knew all about GP. What a great way to start off! He was very helpful and asked a lot of questions about GP. We need to continue with our insurance provider, but our hope is to eventually reach this doctor. It was another wonderful gift that his office responded to my email with a lengthy call after just four days!

The diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, with the symptom of pain only in the ear, is rare; on top of a disease that is rare in the general population; on top of that disease being extremely rare in children! In fact, the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association has changed their name to Facial Pain Association because of the pain almost always occurring along the three branches of the trigeminal nerve that spread out over the face. We know that Garrett, in Alabama, the boy with whose parents we have been talking, began with pain only in his right ear as well. (How’s that for a ‘hard-to-read sentence!) TN is a progressive disease; meaning that the attacks may come and go at will, but if there is any remission, when the attacks return they are usually more intense, more frequent, and escalate more quickly. They often spread to new areas, which was the case for Garrett. The great news for him is that he is pain free after a recent surgery, although he is having a tough time recovering from the surgery. Please pray for him!

In other welcome news, GP held at a 7 today, with rises at 3 per hour and no epics (sounds like a weather report!) until….2:45pm when the pain left. He is still pain free as of now (7:07 p.m.)! In his words, “Tell them I am very happy, super happy, STUPENDOUSLY happy!! :)” We raced outside to see the dogs, and got his bike out but it was too windy for that. Wind! He was fine in the wind – which goes to show you that it is impossible to figure this thing out!! What joy and release we feel! We also try not to think too far ahead; we just revel in the present!


Posted May 14, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

3 responses to “A talk with a colleague of the neurosurgeon!

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  1. Great news. So glad GP is having a pain free evening. Our Lord is sooo good. Praying and praying.

    Janet Hazelbaker
  2. Praise God! šŸ™‚

  3. I LOVE that GP is feeling STUPENDOUS! In this case, GP, that word can not be overused! X’s and O’x!
    Mrs. Tres

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