Tuesday; an easier day for GP   2 comments

He hovered between 6 and 7 on the pain scale all day. He had one, short epic. He had a total of 10 or 11 rises for the day. Wow! His prayers last night included these words, “Thank you for my family, and for my friends.” I am constantly reminded, as I am physically with GeorgePaul, to live out praise and thankfulness for all we have; not looking at all that we wish we had in terms of ‘no TN’ pain. His words are not empty; he is genuinely thankful!

We have kept the house, over the last few days, at a temperature highly unacceptable for David! The wind and cold outside have not affected GP as much as they might have because of the warmth inside. David never complains; instead, he faithfully stokes the fire (our wood stove is our heat source), replaces the firewood, and looks out for GP’s comfort level, no matter how hot and steamy the house seems to him.

We hope to hear about an appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon at Kaiser Fontana in the near future. We have not received word yet. We continue talking with the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and supplementing GeorgePaul’s routine with chinese herbs. He is a champion pill swallower!

Whenever GP has an easier (relatively) hour or two, our hope rises in anticipation of the next few hours. This pattern turns into hope regarding the next day. We have only had one or two occasions where the ‘less pain’ day has turned into two ‘less pain’ days, but our hope does not diminish. Maybe today will be the day! Regardless of the outcome of today’s pain level, our hope extends beyond even this terrible disease. Ultimately, He holds us, and we are His.


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  1. In old Russia many people lived in an apartment house. The basement was filled with the junk of all the families, including a beautiful harp which no one had been able to fix. One snowy night a homeless man asked if he could sleep in the building. The people cleared a corner of the basement for him, and he was happy to stay there. In a little while the people heard beautiful music coming from the basement. The owner of the harp rushed down and found the man playing it. “But how did you repair it? We couldn’t,” the owner said. The man smiled and replied, “I made this harp years ago, and when you make something, you can also repair it.”
    “All things were made by Him . . .” John 1:3a
    GP, not only are we thankful that the greatest Healer of all is the One who made you, but that He also made our bodies wonderfully strong fighters against diseases. We are so proud of you, GP, and your Dad and Mom, and Jillian for being so brave and working so hard to help your body and the doctors fight this battle. You all are “more than conquerors” in God’s strength and showing the rest of us what true bravery is. Praise God and to Him be the Glory!

    Janet Hazelbaker
  2. Just want to let you know that we love you guys and are praying for you. GP you are a blessing and reminder to me to remember to be thankful in all things.

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