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We love the relative upswings around here! GeorgePaul had a pain level at six for a small part of the day – and was at a 7 for the majority. No epics – very few rises the entire day!

We also received a call from Kaiser regarding our appointment with the Fontana pediatric neurosurgeon. There was a cancellation next week, and we have been given that appointment on Wednesday, May 25th. We are thankful for the chance to keep moving forward to fix the cause of GP’s pain!

I study for 3 or 4 hours in the mornings before GP gets up. I studied the cranial nerves VII and X today. There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves. VII is the facial nerve, while X is the vagus nerve. There is a juncture, the geniculate ganglion, where the facial nerve and the vagus nerve connect and share the same trunk for a short way. Geniculate neuralgia would involve the nervus intermedius, which is the location between cranial nerve VIII (vestibularcochlear), and a part of the facial nerve. I am trying to find the connection between the location of GP’s pain now (in the auditory canal), and the pain he had for the first two months (deeper in the ear, “just past the eardrum”), before the three week break of no pain. There is also the possibility, in my thought, that something else could be pressing on a nerve; some leftover sinus issue in the ethmoid, or some swelling in the parotid lobe. I don’t know if this is even possible, but my mind couldn’t possibly be more open!! It is a steep curve that I’m climbing, as I have to look up many extraneous words, such as cerebellopontine angle and pterygopalatine fossa. These tend to slow me down. 🙂
It is fascinating, but hopefully it will help us communicate GP’s pain location to doctors more comprehensively, It also may help us in having a fuller understanding of their knowledge. I am certainly finding out that the more you learn, the more you find out how little you know!


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  1. Laurin! I am so proud of your tenacity in continuing to research this very difficult subject–especially for a layman! A mom’s motivation to help her child is like nothing else–Oh wait! Yes it is! Seems like God does it all the time for us, doesn’t it?!! Well, at any rate, it will be so helpful to go into G.P.’s appointment ‘armed with knowledge’! My prayer for you, Laurin, is that you will continue to draw on the strength of the Holy Spirit whose power is limitless! I also pray that you will be comforted by the many friends who love and PRAY for you and your family daily! Gentle hugs to GP!

  2. Laurin, the power of the web is GREAT! I have been researching “brain drains” and spinal fluid this morning. I’m so proud that you are taking it upon yourself to learn all you can. With your built-in “mothers intuition” and your new found knowledge, you will be better prepared than ever to help that sweet child get the help he deserves! Thinking a lot of GP today. I hope he wakes pain free!

    John D Buckelew

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