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This was not the day we had planned, but neither are our ways the same as His ways.

Morning wake-up: GeorgePaul woke up screaming and had 3 strong epics within 35 minutes, lasting 3-5 minutes each. Then, 10 minutes later he went to pain-free mode! We drove down the hill for our 9:00 appt. with the neurosurgeon. Again, GP had no pain on the drive down. During this appointment, GP had 2 rises, but came back to 0 each time.

The neurosurgeon was baffled by GeorgePaul’s case. He did find a blood vessel pressing on the trigeminal nerve, but it was on the left side. GeorgePaul only has pain in the right ear, where there are no visual indications of a compression. He was puzzled by the presentation of GP’s symptoms, as they do not fit the typical pattern for TN sufferers. He referred us to another pediatric neurosurgeon, who has more experience, at Kaiser Sunset.

We started the drive up the hill, when we received a call from the NUCCA office asking if we wanted a cancellation appt. for the afternoon. We took the appt. Finishing the drive up the hill, GP continued to be pain-free until 5 minutes from our house. He had pain at a 6 or 7 for an hour and then became pain-free again. We LOVE these new breaks!!

We began the drive down the hill for the second time with zero pain. After the afternoon appointment, GP was pain-free AGAIN and fell asleep until 2 minutes from our house. He woke up suddenly with a piercing shriek and screamed in pain. He had a rise every 1-3 minutes for the next couple of hours. He remains at a 7 this evening, with the rises slowing down. The incredible, ‘not-of-this-world’, timing of those pain free drives up and down the hill are a tangible gift. Thank you for your prayers.

Afternoon Appointment: The NUCCA doctor talked to us about GP’s measurements of his atlas bone in relation to his head and body. The average measurement difference in all NUCCA tested patients, regardless of age, is two and one-quarter mm in total. GeorgePaul’s measurements are seven and three-quarters mm in total. The doctor said that it is very uncommon for the atlas bone to be this far off, and off in his particular configuration. He said that he believes the work he can do for GP, with the gentle, upper cervical adjustments to his atlas bone, will allow the pain in GeorgePaul’s ear to be resolved. This is the first doctor that has offered us hope for fixing the problem.

What astounding hope! We clearly acknowledge and give glory to the One who directs our paths.


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  1. We praise you and thank you, Lord, for the many ways in which You are working in GeorgePaul’s life, ways of which we are not even aware. Yet the evidences of your intercessions are clear.

    GeorgePaul, we know that the Lord is keeping you especially close to His heart. We love you and are continuing to pray for you, your family, and the doctors.

    Janet Hazelbaker
  2. Yessssss!!! So happy to hear that you were able to get in early and that your trip down the hill was pain free!!! Stupendously happy that you are having more time in the ‘zero zone’!!! I’m continuing to pray for you daily and many people are continuing to ask about you at school! O’s to you, GP!!!

  3. YAY YAY YAY!! Hope is such a beautiful thing… I don’t let my son read the blog, but I will tell him first thing in the morning… I know how worried he’s been! I can say, such great hope increases our prayers!

  4. Remember; learn as much as you can about the atlas bone. Keep a notebook with you AT ALL TIMES! Write down questions you want to ask the Dr. and things that you want to learn more about. The questions you ask will sometimes prompt the Dr. to look at something they were not thinking about. There are no dumb questions! Keep your head up and know that you will find the answers that GP needs. GP is blessed to have you. God knew what he was doing when he gave you that wonderful boy. God knew that GP would need a strong mother who would not give up. You have a very strong support group behind you and GP and your entire family! Prayers from Alabama are still coming your way!

    John D Buckelew
  5. Dear Laurie & David, I just heard about GP a few days ago, and found your blog. I’ve read every word and will continue to follow. Jeff and I are standing with you. And kneeling with you. With so much love, Linda

    Linda Heydenfeldt Rosenthal
  6. YEAH!!! The kids were praying that during the trip down there would be little to no pain. They are so excited to hear that! I am praying this new insight will be the answer you have been looking for. Thank you Lord for the little moments of hope and relief for G.P.!

  7. Our prayers are with you!! Laurin and George Paul, you truly inspire me to be a better person. Jonah, Bekah (Jonah’s little sister), and I pray every day for you. I hadn’t read the blog for about a week, and I caught back up tonight. It is so good to hear of the good news of your pain free episodes, as well as the hope from the doctor. We serve an awesome God, and I know that he is so very proud of you George Paul! You are handling this better than most adults I know. Your spirit and your attitude are such a testimony. You are an amazing young man, and we are praying for SPEEDY healing so that you can come back to school. Jonah misses you! I am currently at APU taking classes, but they will be over in three weeks. If you think you are up to it, Jonah would love to come visit you. Maybe you guys could play the wii together. You just let us know. In the meantime, we are praying for pain free episodes and for wisdom for the doctors. Much love is sent your way!!!

    Shannon Sanchez
  8. I just reposted GP’s story on Facebook last night and I received a phone call from a student I am in school with at APU. One of the professors at APU has a son that is a NUCCA specialist. If he refers someone to him, he gives a substantial discount. I called her this morning and left a message, and emailed her this website’s address, and asked her to see how soon her son could see GP. If I get more info, how do you want me to contact you? Through messages like this, or I could contact Jill through Facebook, or do you want to give me your phone number? Let me know.

    Shannon Sanchez

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