The power of almost normal   4 comments

GP went to school yesterday. He attended a last day of school breakfast with his classmates. This was not a day that we thought he would get to enjoy, but because he is still pain free, he was able to go! Another gift! He sat with his friends, ate breakfast, played ‘Octopus’ on the field with the class, and quietly reveled in just being with his classmates and teachers.

The school that GP attended, Heritage School, is full of strong, wonderful, supportive people. The teachers, not only his fifth grade teachers, but many other teachers at this school, have shown a level of care for GP and for us that is beyond measure. The parents of this school community, have also gone above and beyond in giving to us. We are very thankful for getting to have been a part of this school! More gifts.

Last night, we attended a graduation party as a family. Four of us, together, celebrating with the graduate and many others who have been praying and loving us daily! Great gifts.

Today, GeorgePaul and I met David and Jillian at the Relay for Life with the Living Courageously group from High Desert Church. These people live in the moment, and continue to support and pray and love us. Even more gifts.

Almost normal means feeling the effects of the medications, but being pain free. The power of almost normal is the reminder of how sweet and precious ‘normal’ is. The reminder that this is all in His hands, and to acknowledge how many gifts you have been given!


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  1. Laurie,

    Love you girl! Talked to your mom today at church and she sent me a link to your blog. GP and your family are in my prayers. I know that healing is real but the waiting is soooooooo hard. We trust in our God who has felt GP’s pain. Love, Maria

  2. It was so great to see you and GP at the Relay and at the office this week. Awesome to see him feeling up to getting out of the house. I’m sure that’s good for both of you. So good to see you GP. Love you bunches.

  3. Such wonderful news. Continuing to pray for GP’s health and that you continue to revel in almost normal days.

  4. Thank you Lord for directing the path for this wonderful family to find some relief for George Paul. We know You will continue to do so, and that their days ahead will be forever changed based on these past months. What a blessing that GP could spend time with his classmates and share Your goodness with them and the school staff. Thank You for the lives that are being witnessed too. Please continue to guide the hands of the specialists that are ministering to GP and bring total healing to his body. You ARE an aWeSoMe God and we love you!

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