Neurosurgeon Number Three   3 comments

We visited with two neurosurgeons at Kaiser Sunset yesterday. The first doctor was frank and admitted he had not seen a case of TN since the seventies. He brought in a colleague who sees many TN patients. He reiterated that it is very rare for a child to have TN. He also discussed the more likely possibility that GP has glossopharyngeal or geniculate neuralgia. This distinction becomes important when preparing for surgery as they involve different cranial nerves. However, all these conditions respond to the same medicines. We will now be scheduled for a more detailed “3D Fiesta” MRI. This is the gold standard of MRIs, and we hope that more detail will reveal any problems in GP’s head.

GeorgePaul is still pain free. He did have an intense, level ten pain for one minute behind his right eye as we neared the hospital. We recalled him having a similar pain one year ago this month. We don’t think it was TN related, however, it made us all a little jumpy.

GeorgePaul and David are having a male bonding weekend, while I take Jillian to camp at Mount Hermon. GP is very excited
about hanging out with his dad.


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3 responses to “Neurosurgeon Number Three

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  1. We continue to pray & give thanks for continued pain relief. How awesome for the daddy/son and mommy/daughter bonding time this weekend. Pray it will bring refreshment to all! Hugs to your family from the Ramsey’s

  2. Hi George Paul! I am so glad to hear that you have had several days now of freedom! I am equally happy to hear that you will have some quality time with your dad this weekend! Fill it with lots of fun memories and laughter! You continue to be in my prayers every day GP! Tonight my oldest graduates from college, so we are off to create some memories of our own! Talk to you soon!

  3. We are praising God with you for these pain free days!!!

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