15 Days without Ear Pain!   3 comments

This is such a great blog title to be able to write. GP feels relieved and immensely thankful to have been out of ear pain for the past two weeks!

Other issues come into focus as the major ear pain has not been present. GP is very sleepy and dizzy. His energy level is used up very quickly, even though his mind tells him he can do more. Taking a 30 min. ride in the jeep just wears him out for the rest of the day.

He has had three sharp pains behind his right eye since June 9.

GP has also begun having intense stomach pains. His diet has been no dairy and low sugar (12g of sugar or less/day), for a couple of months. This could be a reaction to the Tegretol. Yes, it also could be a stomach bug like any of us could get! There are no other symptoms for him, however, so we will be watching this closely and trying to figure out ways to minimize the pain.

We all carry this subconscious fear that the ear pain will return. It is a matter of discipline to not dwell on this fear, but to think on the things that are true and admirable and worthy. 🙂


Posted June 15, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

3 responses to “15 Days without Ear Pain!

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  1. Yay! I’m so thankful the ear pain isn’t there. What a blessing. Praying for wisdom and direction for you with the other issues.

  2. Wonderful news!!! I am also praying that the Lord gives you wisdom and clear guidance in the days to come.

    Janet Hazelbaker
  3. Tegratol made Faith have such severe stomach pains that we disconinued it altogether. It also made her very sleepy.

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