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This is GeorgePaul’s word for the day to describe getting to hang out with his cousin Brennan! Crises refocus our priorities; this is not unique to us, but we are truly glad for the chance to refocus on what really matters. GeorgePaul has a keener appreciation for the world around him – “the things God made for us” and the One who made them. We have been allowed the privilege of walking more closely with God, who knows the smallest details of our thoughts and emotions, and the sure knowledge that He never leaves us. Incredible Grace.

Being an early riser, I am always sitting at the computer, drinking the best coffee in the world (big smile), when GP wakes up and opens his door. This has been the crucial moment of each day; waiting to see if he wakes up in gasping pain, or with a smile and a ‘good morning.’ This small moment lays out the entire day. What a JOYFUL moment this time has been each morning in the last three weeks! We don’t take that smile, hug, and good morning for granted!

We visited Dr. Flory at Atlas Spinal Care yesterday, and GP has continued to hold his correction. This means that his body is doing the work of pulling his muscles back from the wrong place that his atlas had been in. This is great news! He has a long way to go as the atlas is only corrected slowly and the muscles readjust to the new position. The brain stem, where most of the cranial nerves originate, has more room to ‘breathe.’ We are so thankful that He directed our path to Dr. Flory and for upper cervical care!


Posted June 23, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

7 responses to ““Delightfulness”

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  1. Oh Laurin! I am rejoicing with you so much! I can see you in my mind at your computer with that mug o’ jo– the waterworks that nearly explode (and probably often do) at the joy of seeing your son with his old sweet smile of his! I am right there with you! So grateful and thankful! You are all in my prayers…still!

  2. Fabulous news! What a blessing that sweet smile is. Praising God for leading you to Dr. Flory, and looking forward to GP’s increasingly better health. Thank you Jesus!!!

  3. Hallelujah!! It brightens my day and brings tears to my eyes to hear how well GP is doing!! You all are continually in our prayers. Much love and blessings to you all!! 🙂

    Shannon Sanchez
  4. O’ Praise Him!!!!!

  5. Praising God every morning, GP, for these wonderful days!

    Janet Hazelbaker
  6. Such wonderful news! Brings a huge smile to my face. Continuing to pray. Much love!

  7. It has been 10 days since your last post…which can only mean one thing….YOU ARE CELEBRATING YOUR OWN KIND OF INDEPENDENCE DAY! Praise God for gift of pain-free days! Love to you all! Prayers of thanksgiving continuing!

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