Pain Free Ear and Eyes – 32 days (19 days, then 13 more)!   1 comment

“Time passes when you’re having fun.” How true this is! I didn’t realize that it has been 10 days since the last post! GeorgePaul has continued to build up strength and enjoy every day and every activity. Since the last post, GP and his dad had another male bonding weekend. I went up north to pick Jillian up from camp, and to visit with my parents, brothers, and their families. GeorgePaul went to a BBQ, went swimming, watched “boy” movies (is there a term for the opposite of “chick flick?”), and just enjoyed each other.

We have been to a couple of dollar movies, and done some grocery shopping, and a lot more swimming. These activities have tired him out, but have not caused any pain. He has reveled in our day-to-day life.

GP had some major stomach pain over those two or three days, which has since subsided. We believe that the Tegretol (anti-seizure medicine) is causing the problem. It is not ongoing pain, but causes a lot of distress when it is happening.

We have stopped the Indomethacin (super strong anti-inflamatory), but are continuing the supplements and the Tegretol. If GP’s pain were to reoccur, the medicine would already be in place for relief. If we were to stop Tegretol, and the pain began again, it would be an agonizing two weeks of no relief for him, and it takes months to wean the body from this type of medicine. We will meet with the neurologist, (the one who is in charge of prescribing/dosing the Tegretol), on the 16th of August. We do email this doctor periodically, and he is always prompt with a response for us.

GeorgePaul continues to hold his atlas correction. He will be visiting Dr. Flory only once a week now, a month earlier than the initial plan! We have also started our daughter, Jillian, with Dr. Flory as she has had a lifelong, extreme motion sickness problem, joint pain, and uneven hips.

I was researching the other day (some things have NOT changed!) and came across an article in the UC Health magazine. (Upper Cervical Health). It is titled “What your Healthcare Provider Needs to Know…” The point that grabbed me was in the last two paragraphs. It references Dr. Peter Janetta as he talks about some diseases as brainstem problems. Two important points about this reference: 1) The brainstem is where most cranial nerves originate, and what the atlas and the axis, C1 and C2, protect. This is why we are seeking help from Dr. Flory as this is his area of expertise as a NUCCA doctor. 2) Dr. Janetta is the neurosurgeon who pioneered the Microvascular Decompression (MVD) surgery, that is the best surgical fix for trigeminal neuralgia, or other neuralgias. This is the surgery that we are also continuing to seek input on, in order to be proactive for GeorgePaul. The fact that a neurosurgeon sees the connection between his surgical knowledge and what Dr. Flory does is confirmation for our choices. We pray that we don’t have to go the surgical route.

Upcoming Plans: GeorgePaul has the 3D FIESTA MRI on Tuesday, July 5, at Kaiser Sunset in Los Angeles. We will also meet with two neurosurgeons in San Diego on Tuesday, July 12. We are now actually planning to go to Mt. Hermon! This is an annual vacation that we thought we would need to forego this year. GeorgePaul is VERY excited about this trip!

We have talked with many of you in the last month, and we are so very thankful for your prayers, words of encouragement and your love.


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One response to “Pain Free Ear and Eyes – 32 days (19 days, then 13 more)!

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  1. MOUNT HERMON!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! 🙂

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