MRI at Kaiser Sunset   1 comment

It went well.  The technician was compassionate and helpful.  The ear plugs were placed properly in GP’s ears, there were pads between his head and the halo cage, and he gave GP a short break between two of the three tests. Remaining absolutely still for 14 minutes at a time is not the normal condition for a 10 year old boy! GeorgePaul started hiccuping about 10 seconds after he got up from the table.  He has very strong bouts of hiccups, so we were glad that he didn’t have them during the tests.  He would not have been still!

We are traveling back down the hill to Atlas Spinal Care today.


Posted July 6, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

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  1. Just have been reading back over your last few posts. So thankful with you that he is doing well! Also so excited to see that you are planning to go to Mt. Hermon. We always love seeing you all up there and are looking forward to seeing you all soon. The boys are so excited to see GP. We keep you all in are prayers. We love you.
    the Houghs

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