Wonderful Weekend – Upcoming Neurosurgeon Appt.   1 comment

It has been 22 days since GeorgePaul last had eye pain on June 20.  He last had ear pain on May 31.   Wow!  I love writing those words – and we are thankful, consciously, many times a day for this!

We drove to Crestline as a family on Saturday and met friends in order to watch the hangglider ‘fly-in.’  There is a launching point on the rim above San Bernardino.  The freedom the hanggliders must experience up there while they are soaring must be similar to the freedom we felt at having GP with us; outside, in a lot of wind, and up on a mountain.  It was one of those perfect afternoons and we were paying attention!

The day before our Rim of the World adventure, David and I had our first date since  February. It has been just shy of 21 weeks since we have been away from the house together, without our children.  This was a milestone for us; to be able to leave GP in the loving and capable charge of his sister and have a great time together away from our home.

We have an appointment in San Diego tomorrow with two neurosurgeons.  This trip will include a visit with my aunt which makes the focus much more enjoyable!



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One response to “Wonderful Weekend – Upcoming Neurosurgeon Appt.

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  1. Praise God for date nights! I am so happy, happy, happy to hear things are going so well. Love and hugs to all….especially to my stupendously wonderful old student! Savor your summer together!

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