Happy Birthday GeorgePaul!   5 comments

New meaning in the word “Happy” for us this year!  GeorgePaul is 11 years old today and is pain free.  I catch myself during the day, just watching GP doing an ordinary thing, and I am cognizant of his enjoyment and ability to do whatever it is.  David and Jillian have both mentioned this same type of  ‘in-the-moment’ observation.  I am grateful for the chance to know this on a deep level; that being pain free is a gift.

We will be leaving for Mt. Hermon soon.  This statement, in itself, is not one I thought I would be writing a month ago.  GP is especially excited to go to our annual family camp.  He has held his correction for a long enough time now that we can miss a week in between appointments.  Jillian will have her first correction when we return.

I have been studying (I know, big surprise there) about the history of NUCCA and upper cervical care.  It is fascinating – and makes so much sense!  The body was created to work as a whole – the skeleton supporting the muscles and nerves.  When the structure itself gets ‘out of line’, there is an effect on the muscles and nerves.  Correcting the very complicated malalignment in GeorgePaul has clearly affected his nerves and muscles.

We are so blessed – beyond any measure – to celebrate the life of our son today.


Posted July 19, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

5 responses to “Happy Birthday GeorgePaul!

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  1. Happy Birthday G.P.!!! We love you and thank God you are pain free for your day!!!<3

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE PAUL!!! I love seeing you at Church or anywhere for that matter!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! See you at Mt Hermon …..Love you

    Grandmother and Grandfather

  4. Happy Birthday George Paul!! Have a Great time at Mt. Hermon!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday GP!! It so warms my heart to hear how well you are doing. We hope you have an amazing vacation! Jonah was wondering if GP was going to be able to come back to school this year. Is that something you guys have discussed yet?

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