Camp at Mt. Hermon   5 comments

WWe are all here!  We did not think that this event was going to happen this year, and yet, here we are!  GeorgePaul feels like Mt. Hermon is the closest you can get to heaven while on earth.  Several people have remarked to us that they have tears in their eyes while watching him run around and laugh and enjoy life to the fullest.  He has been saying hello to everyone we walk by, while looking at their eyes.  This is The opposite of GP’s normal MO.  We believe this is a result of his new appreciation for the details of life and relationships.  This is clear evidence of his understanding of Who is charge of his life.  

GeorgePaul is still pain free.  He is still on Tegretol, which makes him spacey and tired.  We took him to a doctor on Friday, in northern California, because of a swollen tonsil.  He did not have a fever, but had been coughing for a week or so.  They cultured it for strep, and we have not heard the results, but believe he is fine.  


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5 responses to “Camp at Mt. Hermon

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  1. What a total blessing and “God-thing” that you all are spending good family time pain free and away from the everyday craziness! We continue to pray for complete healing and glimpses of the Lord’s purpose in this detour for your family. Loving you all.

  2. Happy belated Birthday GP!!
    We are rejoicing with you that Mt. Hermon became a reality instead of a wish. Who says that miracles don’t happen anymore!

    Janet Hazelbaker
  3. Have a wonderful time! Such great news to hear of all of you enjoying a more relaxed time together.

  4. Sending you X’s and O’s of celebration! I hope you ALL had a wonderful, restful, time at your little bit of heaven on earth!

  5. I know it has been a long time GP! I was kind of sad to hear that you weren’t going to be able to be back to school, but I KNOW you are in very good hands! I found the greatest picture of you in my drawer today-from the first day of third grade! How time flies! I will send it to you some way! I still think of you every day and hope that you are doing well. Laurin–Mimi’s–breakfast–some Saturday! I MISS seeing you!

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