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‘New’ this, that, and the other thing :)   5 comments

GeorgePaul starts a new, lower dose of Tegretol again today. He is down to 50mg/3 times a day. He said, as he took the 1/2 pill this morning, “I’m almost done with these things!” I think that getting off the pills is a psychological thing for him. It is the hope that we’re leaving the Trigeminal/Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia behind.

GP is starting a new school after Labor Day. He will be attending, along with Jillian, the Oak Hills Academy. This is a fancy name for our homeschool. GP is thrilled about this new way of doing things; “You mean we can study anything we want? We can do science experiments every week? We can go to museums? I can come to school barefoot???” “Yes, yes, yes, and yes!” We are all excited about this new adventure!

The other new thing is less tangible, but substantive. GeorgePaul’s personality has changed. He has become more aware of everything – this was noticeable even before the drop in his medication. He is especially aware of and more responsive to people. This is a big departure from the GP that others first met. He often had to be reminded to look others in the eye when first meeting them, or to be encouraged not to hide behind a parent when first being introduced. His answers to questions were monosyllabic until you got to know him. Now, GP consistently has been saying hello to people that we encounter throughout the day – as we walk by them. He engages with everyone he talks to – most significantly by keeping steady eye contact. He gives full answers to questions from people he knows well and from those he has just met. A friend of ours who had not interacted with GP for a couple of months, was with him recently. Her comment: “GP called to me as I walked by, ran up to me, and started telling me about (something he had learned.)” She further said, “I couldn’t believe this was the same boy I have always loved and known!”

It is another gift to unwrap from the giver of all gifts – this new element in GeorgePaul’s character; gratitude being lived out in his response to others.


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Saturday Morning   2 comments

First of all, GeorgePaul is still pain free. More on that in a minute…Get a cup of coffee because this is going to be a long one!

Thank you for continuing to check in. I think about writing many times a day…and then don’t. Sometimes I feel physically ill when I think about writing more about GP’s journey. I am confused by this; why wouldn’t I want to write about how well he is doing, how thankful he is to be running and playing and thinking? This reluctance to show up here has surprised me and instead of facing it, I have avoided it altogether. You have all been so encouraging and faithful to pray for GP, and for us. We still covet your prayers and your encouragement.

The truth; it is hard to think about the monumental pain he was in. It is always in the back of our minds: mine, David’s, Jillian’s, and most of all GeorgePaul’s. We are enjoying life and doing normal things every day, but the question of “Will it come back?” sometimes stabs with stark clarity into spoken words and actions. Then we know that we are all still more connected to the fear than we thought. If I don’t post, then I don’t have to think about it.

GeorgePaul. Wow – he is coming back to us in full. We are weaning him off the Tegretol!! The neurologist gave the go-ahead and GP calls it ‘de-dosing’. He was at 150mg/3xday. This medicine is an anti-seizure medication, so it is vital to go slowly when coming back off of it. A sudden withdrawal can actually cause a seizure. He is almost done with his first ‘de-dose’ of 100mg/3xday. Next Tuesday, he will start two weeks of 50mg/3xday, and then the last two weeks will be 50mg, only at bedtime. Each day we see more of his mind, more activity, less fogginess!

Dr. Flory and Dr. Weiss at Atlas Spinal Care continue to be a tangible gift. We asked Him for a specific direction, and the answer was given that next day. GeorgePaul had his first correction on the 25th of May. He has only had two corrections since then. His body has held each correction for long periods of time and his muscles are ‘re-wiring’ themselves to correspond to the new position his atlas is in – closer to where it should be each time.

We returned from Mt. Hermon on Saturday, July 30th. The next day, GP had a headache – not a TN headache, but the normal kind of headache. This headache intensified on Mon., Tues. and Wed. Some tylenol helped, but did not remove the headache. Even though this was not ear pain, or TN pain, GP started asking for windows to be shut. This was the lingering fear showing itself. He refused to go outside on that Tuesday…The next day, Wednesday, was his appt. with Atlas. Dr. Weiss examined him and found he needed a correction. He performed the gentle NUCCA correction of ‘nudging his atlas bone’ (far more complicated than I make it sound!) and within two minutes of that correction, GeorgePaul remarked “Hey! My headache is gone!!” It did not return. This Upper Cervical Chiropractic – not the same as a regular chiropractic work – is what we believe has taken GP’s pain away. It is not usually as dramatic as this visit was, however, but we were so thankful that the correction eliminated the headache as well!

There are nine people that we currently know of that are seeing Dr. Flory because of the change in GeorgePaul. What gifts – to know that a result of GP’s pain and the relief he has received might be helping others too! One of the people that is being treated told me that Dr. Flory and NUCCA have “changed her life.” She had intense migraines and debilitating dizziness. The migraines are gone. She does not have dizziness.

Here’s the wrap-up:
GeorgePaul is pain-free. He is ‘de-dosing’ from Tegretol. We are thankful for your prayers and encouragement.

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Overcoming   3 comments


Discovery Grove ropes course. This is GeorgePaul on his first time across. He proceeded to do this course two or three times every day for the next 3 days while at Mt. Hermon. The last day of camp found him with his Uncle Tim and his cousin Brennan on the “Big” Sequoia ropes course: 80 to 100 feet above the ground! Such joy for him at conquering his fear and squeezing the marrow out of life! Such fear (and thrill) for his mom watching from below! 🙂

GeorgePaul is still pain-free. We know and give deep thanks to Him. We asked, specifically, for direction in how to help GP and He led us to Dr. Flory at Atlas Spinal Care.

GP had been holding his corrections for long periods of time. Vacation meant missing an appointment. The day we left Mt. Hermon, GP had a small headache. This headache increased over the next three days, significantly. This was still only a headache, not a return of the former pain, but it was definitely bothering him. GP went to his appointment, and his feet and hips were uneven which indicated the need for a correction to his atlas. Dr. Weiss performed the correction. Within 2 minutes, GeorgePaul’s headache of the last four days went away completely.

He has held this correction, the third of August, since that time.

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