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Discovery Grove ropes course. This is GeorgePaul on his first time across. He proceeded to do this course two or three times every day for the next 3 days while at Mt. Hermon. The last day of camp found him with his Uncle Tim and his cousin Brennan on the “Big” Sequoia ropes course: 80 to 100 feet above the ground! Such joy for him at conquering his fear and squeezing the marrow out of life! Such fear (and thrill) for his mom watching from below! 🙂

GeorgePaul is still pain-free. We know and give deep thanks to Him. We asked, specifically, for direction in how to help GP and He led us to Dr. Flory at Atlas Spinal Care.

GP had been holding his corrections for long periods of time. Vacation meant missing an appointment. The day we left Mt. Hermon, GP had a small headache. This headache increased over the next three days, significantly. This was still only a headache, not a return of the former pain, but it was definitely bothering him. GP went to his appointment, and his feet and hips were uneven which indicated the need for a correction to his atlas. Dr. Weiss performed the correction. Within 2 minutes, GeorgePaul’s headache of the last four days went away completely.

He has held this correction, the third of August, since that time.


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  1. Praise God! Thank you for your updates. The updates remind me to remember your family in prayer. 🙂

  2. Thank you Lord!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news! GP, I am so very proud of you for doing those ropes course! It looks like you had an amazing time! Your chiropractor seems to be such an important part of your recovery! I am so thankful that God lead you and your mom to him. I have a long standing ‘relationship’ with my chiro too and see him still every other week, and I know how one little vertebre being out can affect so many things. It is a miracle that he’s the one who found a likely reason for the pain and knows how to address it.I hope that all is well with you during this back to school season. I have that picture of you on my desk by my computer so when I see you, I pray for you!

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