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GeorgePaul starts a new, lower dose of Tegretol again today. He is down to 50mg/3 times a day. He said, as he took the 1/2 pill this morning, “I’m almost done with these things!” I think that getting off the pills is a psychological thing for him. It is the hope that we’re leaving the Trigeminal/Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia behind.

GP is starting a new school after Labor Day. He will be attending, along with Jillian, the Oak Hills Academy. This is a fancy name for our homeschool. GP is thrilled about this new way of doing things; “You mean we can study anything we want? We can do science experiments every week? We can go to museums? I can come to school barefoot???” “Yes, yes, yes, and yes!” We are all excited about this new adventure!

The other new thing is less tangible, but substantive. GeorgePaul’s personality has changed. He has become more aware of everything – this was noticeable even before the drop in his medication. He is especially aware of and more responsive to people. This is a big departure from the GP that others first met. He often had to be reminded to look others in the eye when first meeting them, or to be encouraged not to hide behind a parent when first being introduced. His answers to questions were monosyllabic until you got to know him. Now, GP consistently has been saying hello to people that we encounter throughout the day – as we walk by them. He engages with everyone he talks to – most significantly by keeping steady eye contact. He gives full answers to questions from people he knows well and from those he has just met. A friend of ours who had not interacted with GP for a couple of months, was with him recently. Her comment: “GP called to me as I walked by, ran up to me, and started telling me about (something he had learned.)” She further said, “I couldn’t believe this was the same boy I have always loved and known!”

It is another gift to unwrap from the giver of all gifts – this new element in GeorgePaul’s character; gratitude being lived out in his response to others.


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5 responses to “‘New’ this, that, and the other thing :)

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  1. Hi Mr. Broshaker,

    I’m so glad things are going so well for GP and all of you! What a blessing!

    I wish I could be a TA at Oak Hills Academy! It sounds exciting!

    I just returned from a two week visit to Colorado Springs. What busy places Sharon and Kathy’s homes are! I just stand and watch everybody buzz around me! 🙂

    Love and prayers,

    Aunt Phyllis

    Bob Broshaker's aunt
  2. Oh, I know it’s sinful to envy…but barefoot?!!! I want to teach at that school! (By the way Laurin, I get ‘dibs’ on the cute little red clogs since you won’t be needing them anymore, apparently!) All kidding aside, I am rejoicing with you, GP, that you will be attending one of the finest academies available! And I’ve heard so many wonderful things about your teacher! 🙂 You will really grow and learn so much, now that some of the ‘restrictions’ have been lifted! Laurin, it will be such a wonderful experience to have both your children in an educational environment where really the sky’s the limit!I will continue to lift you up in prayer as you all embark on this new and exciting journey!

  3. Oak Hills Academy sounds like an outstanding place of learning! I love the barefoot school!

  4. Sooooo happy for you GP and your family!! GP you are going to LOVE homeschooling. What fun you will have being able to do things and visit places that just can’t happen when you are in a classroom. Continuing to pray for you and giving thanks every time the Lord brings you to my mind.

  5. Lauren, David, George Paul & Jillian…..each of you have been on my heart & in my prayers for such a very long time. I rejoice with you for the “gift” that the past few months have brought you now, and for the healing that has taken place. I think it’s completely natural the way you are all feeling, how awesome that you are so aware of the grace & mercy that the Lord has blessed us with if we’ll but be aware. I am excited to hear all about Oak Hills Academy…..perhaps we can join up with Faith Academy and do some field trips together! That would be amazing! I agree, school without shoes is freeing; giggle giggle! I pray you are all able to destress some and enjoy the moments. Love you all much & let us know how things are going. It helps us/me know how to pray.

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