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GeorgePaul began homeschool this week…yes, he was barefoot. In fact, we were all barefoot! Another gift – to begin an adventure with both Jillian and GeorgePaul. There was a lot of laughter this week as we worked out schedules, lunch, and the ‘how-to’s’ for the Oak Hills Academy. The laughter alone is the thing that makes me most grateful for GP’s continuing absence of pain. Our spirits soar because laughter and hope are the antithesis of pain.

GP has been pain free for 82 days – almost three months! He will start the last ‘de-dosing’ (his name for it) next Tuesday; 50 mg at bedtime. He is holding his correction for long periods of time. The world is opening up more for him each day. He lives in thankfulness and joy which are deeper and sweeter because of where he has been. We are all changed because of this road; a different type of ‘schoolin’ that has resulted in deep joy and gratitude.


Posted September 10, 2011 by broshaker in The Story Overview

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  1. What awesome blessings! Your family has always brought joy to my heart and even deeper now seeing this healing and growth in GP. It’s interesting how the whole family has to heal from the emotional stress of it all. I’m so thankful for a God who heals us inside and out and cares about every detail in our emotional, physical & spiritual health. Praising God for all of you today.

  2. Yipppeeee!!!! Love you alll!!!!!

  3. So glad to hear that GP is doing so much better! Thanks for the update!

  4. Wow, My heart overflows with gratefulness in reading about GP’s healing I am so thankful and relieved that he is doing so good. Give him a big O hug and then ruffle up his hear for me. We love you guys, Cody Carothers

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