Where is GeorgePaul now? :)   5 comments

It has taken some courage, and the persitent prompting of my son, to come back and post. But finally, I am here!

GeorgePaul is still PAIN FREE, healthy, happy and thriving. He has not had any nerve pain for nearly six months! We constantly thank God for GP’s ability to enjoy life without pain. Each day is a true gift and we see it that way only because of what he has been through.

GeorgePaul continues to see Dr. Flory and Dr. Weiss at Atlas Spinal Care, but only every other week now. He is holding his correction most of the time. GeorgePaul’s experience has prompted so many others to start Upper Cervical treatment as well. We can count at least 15 people who are being treated by Dr. Flory! What an incredible privilege; that GP’s pain helped others get help. In GeorgePaul’s words today, “The pain was worth it because so many others have been helped because of it.”

So, where is he now? We are homeschooling – an adventure that GP loves. “I find homeschooling better than public school, because it fits my needs and I encourage other people to try it. The thing I like best is that I can be with my family and my dogs.” The teacher loves being able to be with him, and his sister, too! 🙂 We are discovering life in so many new ways, together.

Christmas, this year, is more precious than it has ever been. We celebrate the birth of Jesus – and we deeply thank Him for the gift of both GeorgePaul’s pain and the freedom from it. We are changed.


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5 responses to “Where is GeorgePaul now? :)

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  1. Well talk about timing! I have been thinking of you so much this week, G.P.! And I praise God for so many things: Your healing! Home-schooling! Your wonderful teacher — 🙂 I am so happy for ALL of you! Know that you are STILL in my prayers and definitely hold a very special place in my heart!

  2. So good to hear about GP. We have had excellent results with Atlas. Sam started treatment recently, he was showing signs of scoliosis at his pediatrician appt. and there was a noticeable twisting of his body. He has responded quickly and he is showing many signs of improvement. I hope we can get together and let the boys play. I do love homeschooling and have found many parents this year taking on the challenge. We have a home school Martial Arts Class that meets on Thursday mornings at the Mateo Academy of Self Defense http://www.mateoacademy.com/. The kids have so much fun during this class and they receive excellent instruction and exercise.

  3. We love hearing this GP and Beardsley family. It’s so great to be praying through this with your family and see how God loves his little children so much, bringing hope and restoration. We love you all! And we pray for continued health.
    Cody, Tiff, Koda and Kenai

  4. Laurie,

    You are such a great mom! Praise God that he has lead you to a place to find relief for John Paul. We will keep you all in our prayers. Love, Maria Mord

  5. So glad to hear that GP is still pain free. Also, please tell David I said hello.
    Nancy N.

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